Admiration of portrait artists

| 19 March, 2011 20:12

As I have struggled over the past few weeks, attempting to complete a portrait of a family, I decided to take an online portrait class..... boy, in just a few hours I learned a lot of helpful tricks.  Also, while getting educated, I came across information on a very talented portrait artist by the name of Mian Situ.  If you google his name, you can find a site that has a demo of him painting a subject.  While he is very talented, he is just becoming famous.  Check him out.

And for a very talented and famous artist, I checked out John Sanden.  Sanden has painted many famous people.  Here is some info on him.........


News-Times, July 15, 2003.
Forbes magazine

John Howard Sanden has been, for 37 years or more, one of the nation's leading portrait artists. He has completed hundreds of commissioned portraits of leading figures in government, business, education, and the professions. He has also found time to write five books on portrait painting, lecture and teach at the Art Students League of New York for nearly three decades, produce numerous instructional videos, and conduct nationwide seminars, workshops and master classes. He writes a regular column of commentary on portraiture for the Internet site

On February 26, 2005, the Portrait Brokers of America presented John with their Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1993 the American Society of Portrait Artists presented John with the John Singer Sargent Medal for Lifetime Achievement. Other recipients of the Sargent Medal have been Andrew Wyeth, Richard Schmid, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Daniel Greene, Nelson Shanks, Burt Silverman, Bettina Steinke and Jamie Wyeth.

Also in 1993, Houghton College presented John with the honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree.

The critical year in John's personal history was 1969, the year he decided to leave the Midwest and a long career as art director for the Reverend Billy Graham, and try his hand at New York City and the world of portrait painting. Within months of arriving in New York, he was appointed to the teaching faculty of the Art Students League, had become affiliated with the city's principal portrait brokerage, and had established a nationwide portrait clientele of the famous, wealthy and influential.

Sanden thereupon launched into an ambitious teaching career. He founded the Portrait Institute in 1974 and began touring the nation, teaching his ideas and techniques to thousands, who came out to hear him in classes as large as seven hundred at a time. Those who could not come in person studied through one of the national correspondence instructional programs which he created. In 1979, Sanden launched the National Portrait Seminar, which grew to be—at that time—the largest art seminar program in America.

John Sanden's memoirs have recently been published as Face to Face With Greatness. The large illustrated volume is available from The Portrait Institute Press at

I hope you enjoy checking out the above portrait artists as much I as have.  Have a great day.  Pick up a pen, pencil, crayon or whatever, and sketch something fun..... think of spring....... paint a flower, a bird or just the sunshine.  I know you folks in the cold parts of the earth could use a dose of that right now.  God Bless.


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