The next step..... my very own blog.

| 26 February, 2011 21:46

I have been working on my website and attempting to improve it.  I decided to delete prices on painting, so as to get more interest.  I have several paintings in the works, 3 of which were recently submitted to a contest, so they are not for sale yet.  I am doing my first family portrait, which can be seen in my "work in progress" section.

 I have work on display at the SunDust Gallery in Mesa, Arizona.  I am hoping to branch out and have work throughout the State of Arizona by year's end.

If there are any local business establishments interested in displaying my art, please send me an email to [email protected].

 Well, that's all for now.  Ta, ta from the art world of Julie (Swinton) Fisher. 


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mpeojkmkdy | 15/03/2011, 15:06

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