Miniature Competition

| 28 February, 2011 17:56

Hello.  I submitted 3 pieces of art to a show that was going to take place at Rive Gauche Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.  I had not heard from them, so I decided to e-mail them to see if I made it in.  They advised me that due to lack of entries, they are postponing the show until the end of the year.  SIGH!  I only had 3 weeks to create something spectacular for the show, and I stressed, painted, re-painted, and stressed some more.  Then I mailed out the CD with my 3 pieces.  The good news is that now I have the entire year to come up with some awesome pieces that will better showcase my talents.  The submissions can only be on a 6' x 6' canvas..... that is really small and it is difficult to paint something that is really awesome and will get selected by the jury.  I will have to come up with something great.

Well, back to my commissioned family portrait which is due in 2 weeks.  Have a blessed day and that's for stopping by. 


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