Where ever I am, whether it is out hiking in the desert, fishing on the lakes or just riding my bicycle around my neighborhood, my camera is always with me. I use nature as my subject.  We have beautiful sunsets almost every night in Arizona.  I am surrounded by mountains which are gorgeous by themselves, or even better with the sun setting on them or clouds hovering over them with rain about to pour out.  We are also blessed with flowering cactus and plants year round.  I take photographs of all of this wonderful nature to draw upon as reference material for use in my paintings. 

Once back in my studio, I search through my photographs until one speaks to me. I get out a sketch pad to build the composition or I just start painting on my canvas.  I sometimes under paint with acrylics and then apply oils over the acrylic.  I use glazing techniques, painting in thin layers, until I am satisfied with the results.  I strive to evoke an emotional feeling for the viewer, one that is calming or reminds them of a place they have been.

I like to paint in series, so if I am working on a flower composition, I will paint a few more flower paintings either with similar flowers or colors.  Once I complete a series, it is back to looking through my photographs for the next subject to paint.

I participate in juried shows in Arizona, and have my work in local galleries. Southwest Art Magazine contacted me and asked me to participate in their Botanical exhibit.  Many collectors have said that my flowers come to life and seem to come right off the canvas.  I truly enjoy painting flowers, and the paint just seems to magically flow from my brush to the canvas.

I continue to evolve as an artist by watching other artists, taking classes and experimenting with other mediums and styles.   You can view my paintings by going to my website which is “JulieFisherFineArt.artspan.com” or contact me at “[email protected]”.